Goldfish bowl crimes

It finally happened, a European City has passed a law disallowing bad aquarium keeping. According to a Reuters news article from its OddlyEnoughNews, the town council of Rome has passed a by-law penalizing the keeping of Goldfish in smal round aquarium bowls.

Here is a link to the article:
Rome bans goldfish bowls
Wed Oct 26, 2005 12:38 PM ET
Link to the article

The Reuter's article said that a newspaper reported that the putting of a goldfish in a fishbowl causes blindness and the same newspaper said that a number of fish experts says that the bowl did not provide enough oxygen for the fish.

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. However, there are certain assumptions mentioned in the article that should be clarified.

The keeping of goldfish in a small fishbowl does not cause blindness. The improper keeping of fish in fishbowl does this. The blindness is actually caused by an infection that is caused when the fish is stressed. It happens when the environment of the fish compromised, ie too much pollution in the system.

The Aquarium is a mini-enclosed ecosystem. Waste products from the food and the fish are recirculated in the system. They are removed by aquatic plants or converted to less toxic substances by aged biological filters. Physical, chemical and bacteriological filters also aid in removing toxic and potentially toxic substances. And ultimately water change removes the toxci substances from the aquarium.

Aside from an an introduction of toxic ingredient into the aquarium, bad aquarium keeping is the main reason behind deceased fish and and aquarium failure.

Keeping fish in a small container is possible, as long as you follow the correct stocking rate. My personal rule of thumb is when it comes to stocking fish is five to seven gallons per total body length of fish.

Even if you disregard the volume rule it is still possible to keep the fish in a small aquarium. I have known and met several people who have succesfully and humanely kept goldfish in fish bowls. The reason why they are succesful, despite the size of the tanks, is because they changed their water with conditioned water everyday.

It really boils down to proper aquarium keeping.

I do not hate the law;I think its proper in order to encourage proper aquarium keeping. It is just that one hopes that they did for the correct reason.

Maybe one day they will require people to own a license in order to keep aquariums.

I wonder what law will be passed next?


Blogger arzakem said...

That is proper. Different types of fish call for different types of setups - be it rocky for African cichlids, weedy for South American species, water-movement for some etc... There has never been a "fish bowl" setup. That is cruelty. I had bettas but I put it in ponds. Keeping it in bowls was the habit and that is cruel.

Hi! May kahiligan din ako sa isda :). Baka pwede mong mapuntahan ang blog ko. Thanks and nice blog here. Keep up.

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Blogger juned said...

Thanks. I just visited your blog, keep up the good work :)

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