Aquariums & a Fish Show

Spent nearly the whole weekend setting-up aquariums, purchasing fish and plants for the simple aquarium project. So far so good. The endeavor took me to old familiar routes and old friends.

I was able to get a couple of good bettas from Angel Ampil. Three pairs of Bettas all in all. Angel must be the prime source of ornamental fishes in Metro Manila at the moment. I have know Angel for years and we sort of grown old in the hobby. Its nice to see familiar faces in the hobby.

Next day I went to Cartimar and bought some plants. Cartimar is the center of the tropical fish trade in the Philippines, at least the retail trade. There are several dealers in Quezon City, Manila and Paranaque but because a lot of the tropical fish and pet shops are in Cartimar there is a tendency for the prices to go below the prevailing rate. Plus at one go you can see ten or even twenty shops at one go. For those not so hot on ornamental fish Cartimar also is the place to buy garden plants, shoes, bicycles, Japanese goods and winter clothes - its probably the only place in Metro Manila that you can outfitted for a journey to the South Pole.

The funny thing about not going to a place for years, my friends who are really into the hobby make a regular pilgrimage each week, is that things change. One of the shop I used to visit and befriended the owners was gone. Instead of aquariums and fishes I saw a room full of cages of budgies. I was surprised at the time I frequented Cartimar they were probably one of the most succesful businesses there. I wonder, what happened to them? Where did they go?

A few days later I found myself viewing some fish at the fish show at Glorietta Mall. There were a mix variety of fish from guppies to goldfish and from bony tongues to cichlids. I came though for the fish I fancy for the moment... the bettas. I think the event was a laudable attempt for local hobbyists and everyone involved deserves adequate praise but as in all things there is room for improvements.


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