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Aquarists and aquarium aficionados need reference sources in order to succesully keep beautiful aquariums. People have been to this road before and their knowledge is invaluable to the success of keeping an aquarium. This knowledge of course can be obtained from books, magazines and people in the know, through friendships and aquarium societies. The Internet though has opened up new forums and sites for aquarists to meet and gather information.

Fishbase -

On-line version of fish database. The database provides not only the scientific name and source of the fish, it also provides information on breeding habits, commercial use and other information -including if the fish is endangered or not.


Ranks the different aquarium sites on the web. A good start-up point to check web resources.

On-line communities of aquarists and fish enthusiasts. Find information, pertinent details, advise and develop friendship with fellow hobbyists. Note, most of the sites are Philippines-based.

Aquarium Science Association of the Philippines

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Betta Club Philippines

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Philippine Association of Arowana and Luo Han Society or PALHS
Aquatic Photography forum


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