Advantages of joining your local aquarium club

There are several advantages to joining a local aquarium club.

1. You meet fellow aquarium keepers.
2. You get to learn the tricks of the trade in aquarium keeping.
3. You get to learn where to buy the cheap but reliable stuff.
4. You do not have to wonder if this system or that equipment will work, the club is a vast reservoir of practical knowledge.
5. You will enjoy the hobby more.

There are of course other advantages but those are the ones I can think of at the moment. I myself am a member of the a local club, the Aquarium Science Association of the Philippines Inc., a group of aquarium keeper of all age, sizes and persuasions.

If you want to join the group:

Click here to join aquarium_science
Click to join aquarium_science

Recently, I have also joined a score of other aquarium clubs. One of these is the Betta Club Philippines.

If you want to join the group:

Click here to join BettaClubPhils
Click to join BettaClubPhils

The group is different from ASAP because this a specialist group, meaning all members take care or would like to take care of one particular fish. In the case of BCP it is the Betta sp more commonly known as the fighting fish.

One of the activities I attended culminated with the auctioning of Bettas from a US breeder. The pictures are kind of fuzzy so pardons in advance

BCP Members checking out the US bettas

The Bettas up close

More on Bettas next time.


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