Tiger Cichlid/Convict Cichlid

The Convict Cichlid or Tiger Cichlid will probably one of my favourite fishes in the world. I encountered this Central American cichlid when it was still known as known as Cichlasoma Nigrofasciatum, now it is called Archocentrus nigrofasciatus.

This is a small feisty cichlid with a blue-gray body with eight to nine bands. A dark blotch is usually present on the gills. It has a red patch near its belly. There is a white variant of this fish and it is devoid of the dark bands, but has the red patch.

The fish are very prolific breeders and aggresive. Once a pair develops they chase of any fish in the aquarium. The female is bigger than the male and as they get much older this becomes more evident. And once they start breeding the red spot just above their belly will become fiery red.

As egg-layers they need a smooth surface to lay their eggs. Once all the eggs have been laid the male fertilises the eggs. These guys are multiple spawners and can spawn around 100 to 150 frys or baby fishes.

Hardy, prolific, omniverous (can eat meat and plant matter) this cichlids are good starters for aquarists who would like to start keeping cichlids.

They are also inexpensive. I really like this fish. And up to today I have a population convict cichlids in my house.

Data about Archocentrus nigrofasciatus on fishbase.


Anonymous neha said...

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first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have just bought 2x tiger Cichlid today & hey are very 'energetic' fish compared to my existing assortment of mature fish inc. silver dollar, Angel, various south American Tetra Raj - UK

5:26 AM  
Blogger bloggersblog said...

I breed Convicts too. They are awesome fish but should not be kept with most of other varieties as they are aggressive. Btw, there is a small correction needed in your post - The males are much bigger than females. However according to my experience, females tend to grow faster than males initially.


2:18 AM  

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